People are erroneously denied disability payments daily. We are a disability legal practice dedicated to assisting you in obtaining funds by expressing your best story. So you may reclaim your financial stability and demonstrate to everyone that getting on disability was the last thing on your mind.

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Disability Lawyers Serving Clients in Toronto, Throughout Ontario, and Canada

Resolute Legal Disability Lawyers serves Canadians nationwide from our offices in Toronto, Halifax, and Moncton. We have delivered all services remotely since 2015. We focus exclusively on helping you win disability benefits from insurance companies, government agencies, and employers. Our long-term disability lawyers represent people in cases involving short-term disability, long-term disability, CPP disability, workers compensation, life insurance, and the disability tax credit.

Founded by an occupational therapist turned disability lawyer, Resolute Legal helps you make great decisions about your disability claim. We do this by educating you first. Read our free books and guides before you speak with us, other law firms, insurance companies, or government agencies. Making poor decisions is the most common way to lose a winnable claim.